Speaking & Lecturing

Since 2005,  I've been invited to speak, lecture, moderate and facilitate learning experiences at workshops, retreats, panel discussions and special events in the U.S. and Abroad.


Symposiums/Speakers Series/Breakout Sessions


Colleges/Universities/Professional Training Programs/Online Courses


Keynotes, Talks, Lectures, Panels

Popular Talks

  • Mindful Leadership and Effective Communication
  • Mastering the Art of Mindful Speaking and Communication (Diversity and Inclusion)
  • YES... You Can Have it All (Motivation for Working Moms)
  • Why Every Successful Entrepreneur Must Become Confident with Speaking On Camera
  • Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking
  • Body Language and the Unspoken Truths (Mindfulness)
  • Discovering Your Voice (Empowering Women; #Metoo)
  • Shouting Quietly (Communication Tools for Empaths)
  • Movement for Actors & the Importance of Body Language (Performing Artists)

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